Engelstalige boeken: The Coincidence Authority


Auteur: J.W. Ironmonger

ISBN: 9781780220840

Uitgeverij: Orion


Prijs: € 12,95


For fans of THE UNLIKELY PILGRIMAGE OF HAROLD FRY, THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU, Mark Watson and Mark Haddon, here is a cleverly written mystery about fate, circumstance, destiny and coincidence from COSTA AWARD-shortlisted author, J.W. Ironmonger. This quirky read is hard to put down and spans philosophy, conflict, relationships and romance.

Thomas Post is an expert on coincidences. He's an authority. People come to see him, to ask him if he can explain strange events that have befallen them, and he can always explain these things away. We poor humans, he would say, have a tendency to make patterns out of random shapes, or to construct meaning from the random behaviour of the universe.